Are you on Krypton still, or have you made the switch to Leia?

Me personally- I am sticking with what’s working… Krypton Arctic Zephyr on my Firestick with Exodus Redux, and Krypton TITAN MOD on my Shield with Exodus Redux is working just fine for me. What about you guys?

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  1. Leia 18.0 Aura with Seren on my Shield and laptop 👍 Though, I’ve got a few testing installs on my laptop, with various versions.

  2. I am a very basic user. I am sticking with Krypton on my Shield for now. I have Movie Theatre Butter and Yoda for repos. I use it a lot for local content (from USB)

  3. I have to stick with Krypton because no one ported Leia to the Apple TV yet but I probably would have stuck with it anyway. My setup is working so good.

  4. Using the latest version of Leia with aura, openmeta and a few choice addons from the monthly sticky on my shield and fire tv gen 3. Works great

  5. Leia, with Aeon Nox Silvo skin – only a handful of addons and it’s running beautifully.. Seren with openinfo/meta is the stuff of dreams.

  6. Leia, Aura & AuraMod , for over 8 months runs great on Shield & PC . I use Seren + redux with openmeta & openinfo . With PM only subscription . No issues 🙂

  7. I run Leia 18.1 for a few addons, but my generic Android TV box uses a chipset which Kodi official abandoned passthrough support for after Jarvis, so I usually run SPMC 17.6a2, which carried passthrough support for my box forward into a Krypton fork. Short answer, if I a want better than 2.0 audio channel support, I use SPMC, which is a Kodi Krypton fork. If I am OK with basic stereo audio I sometimes run official Kodi 18.1 instead.

    EDIT: How the hell did this post earn a downvote? I only answered the OP’s question about whether I use Krypton or Leia. There is no right or wrong answer.

  8. I switched back to krypton spmc on the shield. I find leia force closes a lot for some reason. Haven’t had that issue with spmc yet.

  9. krypton but i really want to upgrade to leia just because of netflix and amazon add-ons, wiating for osmc to push their update

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