Are there any “playlist” addons with Premiumize support?

Almost all of the Jen-based playlist addons I’ve ever come across support Real Debrid (and to a lesser extent AllDebrid). I tend to use Trakt lists for this sort of “surfing” gratification, but was wondering all the same why it was that Premiumize never seems to be covered with these types of addons?

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  1. If i had to guess most of the people still beating that old dead codebase horse , are cheap and use RD . as RD supports more hosters . PM is not that great for hosters which is where most those lists based addons got their links . thats a random guess ..

    Now lots support Resolver , and if it supports using resolver , it will support any thing resolver supports

  2. Depends where links come from (host) if PM supports that host then should work , PM is way more expensive then RD or AD , just because they don’t mention PM on addons doesn’t meant it won’t work it may

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