5 Replies to “Anyone having any luck finding season 3 of Victoria? 1&2 are no problem.”

  1. i just checked RLSBB website and season 3 episodes are available. if you have premium debrid service, you may want to try the site based addon.

  2. Same issue here. Not sure why this one show is missing season 3 in every addon.


    Goto EZTV. [https://eztv.io/search/victoria](https://eztv.io/search/victoria)

    Copy the magnet link for the show you want

    Login to real-debrid

    Click torrents

    Paste into magnet spot and click button below.

    Now goto the realdebrid add on and click torrents and it will be listed there. simply click to play.


    Most all of this stuff will be cached at Real debrid so it will say 100% downloaded in 1 second. No need to wait for the torrent to download, which is amazing.


  3. I had to ghetto rig it thru a tmdb list because i couldnt get season 3 to show up with trakt or imdb but after that it was all good.

  4. I don’t use Real Debrid. I use Trakt & after not seeing season 3 like you, in My TV Shows noticed that in the Episodes section I can find the latest episodes. But Season 3 can’t be browsed under the show listing. I eventually went online directly to my Trakt TV account (not thru Kodi), found Season 3 episodes and added them (maybe individually) to a new list folder I made under Episode Lists, NOT TV Show Lists. Can now access them thru all my addons which have Trakt enabled under Episode Lists. Still won’t show up under Progress which unfortunately is my main Trakt tool. Hope that helps.

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