Annoying Seren/Exodus Redux/Trakt issue… please help.

So I only have Seren and Exodus Redux currently using Trakt and RD. The issue I have is every time I save a show to watch via Trakt (either via Seren or Exodux Redux) it shows up correctly in my watchlist initially until I shut down Kodi. Next time I run Kodi… Poof it disappears from my watchlist. I have tried uninstalling Kodi and re-installing/reauthorizing Seren/Exodus/Trakt and that seemed to work for a day or two but now its back. For the life of me I cannot figure out what is causing these show to removed from my watchlist. any ideas please?



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  1. Well, that’s actually what a watchlist is. You watch something, and then it’s gone from your watchlist.
    If you want to keep a TV show, add it to your collection instead of a watchlist, then you’ll have your latest episodes on Progress trakt section from Exodus, or the Next Up section from Seren.

  2. You need to create your own custom personal trakt list. It allows you to keep your queue of shows and follow the progress without removing them. From your list view on trakt site, to the left just under the dashboard, you’ll see the option to add new list to do this.
    Might need to reauthorize with trakt afterwards for it to appear.

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