all my addons stopped working

I am very confused. I normally use Yoda, and last night I had no issues. Today I wanted to continue watching a movie and noticed that the list of available sources were much lower than normal. No links worked. I tried other titles but I would have the same problem. Tried 13clowns and other addons I had installed and it would be the same issue.

I tried to reinstall addons but nothing is working anymore. I wouldn’t say I am an expert at this, but I have used Kodi for years. Whenever an addon stopped working for me I never had an issue searching for a new one to install that would work again.

Any thoughts to why this is happening?

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  1. This thread is a wonderful example of why we **require** logs and information for support requests. Users have *absolutely* no idea how to help, and are throwing out every solution under the sun, because you haven’t provided **any** of the information required by support.

    I’m locking this thread until you can read Rule 7 and furnish *at least* a log file, and hopefully hmthe rest of the information as well.

  2. Look up the other Yoda down thread. One of your old addons or repos has likely spammed something and your ip got banned, you can easily test this by going to some 24/7 tv/movie show websites. They use the same protection and you will likely be asked if you are not a robot and get a captcha. since you cant get one through Kodi it wont work.

    You can also test this like in my case with a VPN. They all worked for me after turning it on.

    Have to dump some old apps and repos tomorrow and call my provider to get a new ip, maybe it’s a temp ban also, who knows.

  3. Same thing is happening to me but only for TV shows. Movies work as they should. I can access my trakt progress but the second I tap on an episode to watch it just sits there and doesn’t search for links. Tried seren, Yoda, 13 clowns, and exodus redux.

  4. I had a very similar thing happen to me a few days ago. After jumping through all kinds of hoops including reinstalling Kodi and all my addons, it turned out that my Premiumize account was maxed out with torrent files I inadvertently collected. Make sure your Debrid account is in good standing if you have one.

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