*ALERT* as of 10:00pm 5/21/2019 , Trakt is having issues .

10pm Est Std
Please be aware lists my not load / etc etc. some addons like seren cache trakt stuff so you may find things still work , but just slower. depending on what you do and what addons you may find things work fine , or not at all.

Reauth will do nothing when you have these issues . Do not even bother . just wait it out .

EDIT: everything seems to be back to normal , if you still get issues in seren , force a trakt sync and let it complete .

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  1. as of 5/22/2019 Everything appears to be back to normal . Please force a trakt sync in seren > tools > traktsync if you still have issues .

  2. Once or twice a year Trakt suddenly shows progress for shows I’ve never watched. I used to spend ages cleaning up my lists after this would happen, but I eventually learned to just be patient for a few days and the lists would fix themselves.

  3. i just updated Seren, and now when I scrape, it bounces me right back to the move selection page.

    Never had this happen before. Think it is related to Trakt issue?

  4. Is this the reason no streams are working in Yoda or Exodus?, My movies from imbd are in Yoda but Exodus doesn’t show anything, when searching for any media there is a (0) at end of movie or show .

  5. Not trying to hijack the thread but I’ve barely been able to get any streams to work. Even the cover image for shows is the default exodous or yoda wallpaper no tv show options work at all . I even factory reset my firestick & downloaded everything back yet i get nothing but a few movies giving minimal links.

    Is this trakt issue the problem ? Im extremely new to this but i checked my error log & found no errors im just so confused at what’s the problem & keep getting my post deleted because idk how to post the log info here

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