Add-ons (Covenant, Gaia, Genesis) are not pulling down any streams

Hi everyone!

I’m newish to the whole Kodi experience and relatively unexperienced. A couple of years ago I added Kodi to my FireStick with Covenant and everything worked fine and dandy until I retired the stick and upgraded to a FireTV Cube.

When I finally got around to adding Kodi onto the cube I added Covenant once again and noticed I wasn’t pulling any streams. Knowing that the services can go up and down I moved onto Gaia. Gaia was only pulling torrent links and not streams, so then I moved on to Genesis. I am still having the same issue of no streams getting pulled and I feel like I’m missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

Any help would be appreciated and please let me know if I should post elsewhere.

Current setup:

* Device: Amazon FireTV Cube
* Add-on affected: Covenant, Gaia, Genesis
* Version of Kodi: 18.2
* Country: USA
* Any support services: None
* VPN: None

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Never use KODI & its add-ons without a VPN!