4K movies crashing Kodi on Xbox one X

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could confirm if I should be able to get 4K movies to play on Kodi 18.3 on my Xbox one x or if this is not possible. I have Arctic Zephyr 2 skin with Yoda video add on with real debrid setup. I am getting lots of quality links no problems but whenever I try to play a 4K movie (20gb and above roughly) Kodi will just crash and quit. I have 1GB wired connection and getting close to max speed so don’t think that is the issue.

I have searched a few places and noted others have mentioned this issue but were all quite old posts. If f this isn’t possible will look at alternative device for Kodi.

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  1. Your post appears to be a support post, but doesn’t appear to include a log file. Often, a log file is the fastest, or only, way to properly diagnose errors or issues. You can find information about how to find and submit your log file on the [official Kodi wiki](http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy).

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  2. Have you tried a different addon? Yoda has been abandoned for quite some time now. Venom or scrub v2 are similar for familiarity in your case.

  3. According to kodi forums a system update some time ago stopped the codec for 4K working properly. I haven’t tested it in the last 6 months though.

  4. Most 4k movies are encoded with x265 (hevc) , which don’t work at this time with kodi & Xbox .


    Avoid x265 encoded files on the xbox , some addons like seren and venom can filter these out , they are called either Hevc or x265

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