13Clowns feature request – option to play next trakt progress episode

Hope this is an OK place to put this. 13Clowns fixed a bug I posted on here so I hope a feature request is OK. I already asked the Gaia people to add this to the next Gaia and they said yes.

Could you add an option to play the next episode in My TV Shows -> Progress? Currently if you open a progress menu item it brings up a list of all the unwatched episodes (like all other addons) but nearly always what you want to do is play the first unwatched episode (always for me, I’ve never done anything else with that list). It’s a minor improvement but when configured with the Titan skin will make it act more like Netflix.

Many thanks for your consideration /u/13clowns Sorry if this was a bad place to put this, I’m more than willing to post it elsewhere. Sorry if I didn’t tag 13clowns correctly either I’m a bit of a kodi.guide noob and have never tagged anyone before.

2 Replies to “13Clowns feature request – option to play next trakt progress episode”

  1. Seren already does this.

    Be great to see Gaia and all other addons do this as long as after the episode finishes it refreshed the progress so you can play the next episode if you wish.

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