YouTube app not working on VIZIO Smart TV

First, not sure if this is the forum to post this in so bear with me and forgive me.

I have a Vizio Smart TV, model E32h-C1. It’s been a great TV up until yesterday, when it began to refuse playing YouTube through the app on the TV.

I unplugged my router, thinking that a reset would help. No luck.

Any suggestions on how to get YouTube working again?

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  1. I have an LG. (Same company?) My prime app stopped working this morning. I went to General settings and reset all settings to factory default. Then, while setting up the TV again, there was a prompt to launch an update for that app. I did so, and all works well now.

  2. YouTube stopped working on mine as a built-in some months back. Actually I’m not sure if that was my Vizio or my Xbox360 that discontinued the app as native. But if you have the AppleTV, Shield, Roku, or Amazon dongle, I think you should be fine.

  3. The youtube app has always been crap on my roku 2. Delays, crashes.

    I hope someone can help you, but I have given up. It’s a bloated, shitty app that doesn’t function when literally every other app works fine.

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