xFi Advantage: Unlimited Comcast/Xfinity data for only $15 a month available in some areas

Just passing this along for those that may be in the right Comcast/Xfinity area and have struggled with the 1TB data cap.

Yes, I know you hate Comcast/Xfinity for their monopolistic practices (and dozens of other reasons). I hate having to deal with them too so complaining is only preaching to the choir. I’m just posting this because it doesn’t seem like they are promoting it much yet and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than paying $50 for unlimited data and still cheaper than the $25 promo some were able to get last year.

Last fall I heard about this “xFi Advantage” service for $15 for rental of their XB6 modem/router that also included unlimited data. At the time it was only available in some areas of their “Central Division” which includes the Southeast US. Apparently it has rolled out to their entire Central Division as I was able to sign up for it today. We’ll see how this goes, I already use my own modem and router but for the price I’ll give theirs a shot. Apparently it also evaluates your WiFi connected devices in the first two weeks and if it sees weak areas they will send you “xFi Pods” for free to alleviate them.

It was difficult to find information through Google other than a few Reddit threads in other subs, I had to log into my account with them and shop for new plans to find the option but according to the phone rep, you can also go into one of their stores or add it over the phone (which I did).

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  1. Also took advantage of this as I was very close to going over 1TB cap the last 4 months.
    Unlimited, Xfi modem bridged to my own router, 250mb speed, total 55 per month including modem rental fee of $15. No issues whatsoever.

  2. Comcast has been quiet about this service in my market but I stumbled on the xFi Advantage offer last month. I am paying $70 for Gigabit + $15 for xFi modem and Unlimited data. I have had no trouble with the xFi modem/router. I actually like it better than my own Netgear CM1000/nighthawk setup.
    I was paying a $25 promotional rate for Unlimited data alone. By the way I am in the Atlanta market.
    Saving money. I will take it.
    Wow- I am actually paying Comcast a compliment.

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