Xbox remote or 2nd fire tv.

So in my house we have 2 (1080p) tvs upstairs we have a fire tv stick, and downstairs we use xbox one s. We recently switch to hulu live tv. The fire tv is nice and simple, easy to use for my parents. However, my dad says he likes the high streaming quality of the xbox one s, but he doesn’t like the confusing and clunky gaming controller. So should I recommend we buy an xbox one media remote: [](,

or just buy a 2nd fire tv stick:[](

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  1. I own a xbox one media remote and they are really nice how ever of you want volume to work then you need some ir blasters that cost around $7 however the ir blasters are worth it because you can do stuff like make your TV turn on when your xbox turns on and make your TV turn off when your xbox turns off

  2. Just get the Harmony remote. I have the hub version and it works with xbox. It will also allow you to control everything from a single remote.

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