Would an amplifier increase the range/reception of my OTA Antenna?

I was going to mount an outdoor antenna on the side of my house and tie into my existing cabling system to have it run on all of my TVs. Now, being that I’ll have 7 or 8, I was going to use a zero gain amplifier, so signal strength wouldn’t be a problem that way.

My Concern is that, using the OTA map, there’s a channel that I want to watch that is right on the edge of the 60 mile point (and the antenna I’m buying is rated for 60 miles) and the one above it costs significantly more money, so I was going to try to use a forward gain amplifier and this antenna to make sure it has enough signal, but I don’t know if that’ll work or not.

Can someone who know about this help me out?

TL;DR Does a gain amplifier boost the signal and range of an antenna?

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  1. Ratings like 60 miles and 250 miles for antennas are all hokum. First, post your TVFool report so we can all see your situation. Second, get more antenna than you need. Third, 60 miles may well require a roof installation if you don’t live on some sort of hill.

    We don’t know if that station is VHF or UHF – which would determine the antenna you need. You MAY need a pre-amp at that range. Most pre-amps are junk. You want one that enhances the signal and tamps down the noise. After you get a signal, THEN you might need a powered distribution amplifier.

  2. >Does a gain amplifier boost the signal and range of an antenna?

    Not in general, no. The TV already has so much amplification that it can see the noise generated by the thermal motion of the molecules in the TV itself. An amplifier at the antenna can remove the degradation to very weak signals by the loss of cable and splitters.

  3. An amplifier will not put more signal on your antenna. It will not increase the gain of an antenna. It will help to preserve the signal that you do get , but at the expense of adding noise to the system.

    You should concentrate first on the antenna that will receive the signal that you want. Then look at what amp you need, if any, to distribute the signal.

    BTW, around 60 miles the curve of the earth starts to come into play in receiving a signal reliably.

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