Will YouTube TV come to Firestick?

The only reason I don’t have it right now. I finally got my wife to figure out the Firestick, if I switch right now she will try and force me back to cable. I think switching from Hulu Live will be enough to piss her off, but different hardware on top of that might be too much. But with price increasing, having to get CBS All Access to get CBS in my market, it is nearing $15+ difference per month at least.

EDIT: I did math, right now I am paying 44 for Hulu Live+ Hulu no commercials. I am paying 10 for CBS All Access which it looks like I may be able to get rid of. I now have CBS national or something like that, where we get any national broadcast I think (looks like all the primetime shows at least). Even with their price increase, I don’t think Youtube TV + Hulu will be much/if any less. I would like the unlimited DVR, but really hasn’t been an issue yet.

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  1. Doubt it.. I moved from Fire to Roku on main tv due to this and it having a simpler interface. STill got fire for the bedrooms.

    Yeah, the struggle is real teaching the wife new hardware/software.. Did you look into Ps Vue? Core sub….

    Good luck

  2. Hard to say, there is a lot of bad blood between Google and Amazon. Things seem to be de-escalating but we will see. Amazon now allows Chromecasts to be sold which was one big point for google, now whats left is Amazon not supporting Chromecast in their apps, but seriously Google should bring their apps back onto Fire OS now.

  3. Short answer no.. there’s to much bad blood..I switched my parents from fire TV to roku They found roku to be easier and more striaght forward. Reason for switching over was also YouTube TV

  4. It will happen eventually. When, no one knows. But it will happen. Amazon probably does really want a native YouTube app, and Google probably really doesn’t want YouTube TV to be absent from one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. So yes , it will happen some day.

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