Will CM-3016 be enough?

I bought a Channel Master CM-3016 antenna but haven’t installed it yet. I plan to install it in my unfinished attic pointed out of a window that is conveniently facing most of the towers in my area (20mi west of Philly).

Here is my report: [RabbitEars](https://www.rabbitears.info/searchmap.php?request=result&study_id=9198)

I plan to run 40-50ft of RG6 coax to a tuner on my basement projector. I may also try to hook up with the rest of the cable in my house, which appears to run through a multitude of splitters.

Will this antenna be enough to get CBS ABC NBC FOX PBS? Will I need an amplified splitter like a PCT? Recommendations on a vanilla tuner box? Thanks!

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