4 Replies to “When Internet Access is a Public Utility”

  1. Our county PUD is rolling out fiber to everyone in the county. I’m going to guess they’re about 3/4 done. It’s a rural area and a lot of folks don’t have many options. Where I’m at, before fiber, it was dial up, satellite or wireless. I had a real flaky 10Mbps wireless connection. Now I’m at 250Mbps. I seriously doubt a private company would invest that much into infrastructure to bring fiber to all the homes.

  2. Living rural now, moving even more rural in the future. There won’t be any municipal entity to step in.

    I have to put my faith in Elon Musk, which is a bit scary. Gawd, I hope he gets the satellite internet going as planned!

  3. That was a good read. Hopefully more towns see as a public utility and move forward with offering service. I’m looking forward to what Musk is doing with his satellites as well as what 5G turns out to be. It might not be that much longer before competition starts driving the market for internet access.

  4. > “The private sector is unlikely to solve the significant problems that we see,” Christopher Mitchell, the principal author of the ILSR reports, and the director of the Community Broadband Networks Initiative for ILSR, said in an interview. When there is no high speed private option available, particularly in rural areas, then municipal broadband may be the only way to go, he said.

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