What has happened to WLRN?

I just channel hopped around a bit with my indoor antenna and it looks like WLRN got kicked off the air it seems. I did do a rescan but it couldn’t pick it up

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  1. Well, they should be broadcasting from UHF 26. They haven’t filed any other changes with the FCC, and their website doesn’t seem to mention anything, so they should still be in business. If you’re having trouble receiving them try contacting the station. Also, [here’s their current coverage map](https://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?appid=25076ff35cef71cc015cf39937ee1075&site=1&map=Y&contour=Y&int=N&pop=N&incpop=&excpop=&z1=N&nrqz=N&lprw=N&head=Y&asrn=&extras=&cir=&circen=) for reference.

  2. South Floridian checking in, specifically Broward County, I too lost WLRN channel 17.1 last night! I’ll be doing a rescan when I get home this afternoon to see if it’s back up.

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