We want to switch to cable-less and get rid of spectrum ( we live in florida) advice?

I’m assuming a basic tv or basic smart tv and i believe the general consensus is a roku? Are they difficult to use? Do you have to pay a monthly fee to watch stuff on the roku itself or what comes “loaded on the roku” or what capabilities does it have? What are the best streaming services that offer the most for their price to subscribe to ?( cheap but offer a lot) and are there any other ones that go with those that don’t offer the same stuff as the other?


Lastly, my family and I live in florida, on the west coast. It is crucial we get Bay news 9 weather WITHOUT paying for cable. Is this possible and how? If not, what is the alternative for my parents who use the TV to get updates and not the computer? ( i don’t check the weather, they keep track of it. and they don’t use things like weather apps, and because of where we live we need actual news and specific updates/ instructions.)


Advice appreciated! Again, also looking for the most cost effective stuff and preferably limited or no ads (i know hulu really f’s people there. even subscribers.)

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  1. Ads subsidize free/cheaper content, so you need to be realistic. (I pay for ad free Hulu.) Also, if weather warnings are critical – you might consider a weather radio as a backup. But yeah, it doesn’t sound like cord cutting is right for your family.

  2. I live in Tampa Bay as well and it’s not crucial to have Bay news 9. There are hundreds of resources that are better and freely available on OTA or OTT TV, Radio and Internet.

    I have DirecTV now streaming over the Roku, which has several free weather apps and channels.

    Maybe you shouldn’t rely on your parents to monitor the weather and take it upon yourself since you have the ability, I assume.

    How old are you?

  3. Denis Phillips on ABC 28 is my go to weather man during hurricane season. They have a Roku app that streams weather during the big weather events. I used it even with Directv bc my signal went out in heavy rains and winds.

  4. Living on the other coast (Port St. Lucie) here. During the last storm we had, we used the WeatherNation app on the Roku. Channel 12 (WPEC) also has it as a subchannel (12-2) but couldn’t use it as I took our antenna down in anticipation of the storm. Watched the weathernation app right up to when the power went out.

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