Ways to find Spanish channels like Telemundo and Univision

What are some of the best services for streaming? my parents watche Spanish channels like Univision, Telemundo, and other channels of that sort. What streaming services would provide those channels? Sling and DirectvNow no longer offer these packages. Directnow has a lot of mexican channels but not like american mexican, they have actual channels from mexico and my parents do not want that, any help?

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  1. OTA! I get Telemundo, Univision and estrella free with my antenna. Then you can get sling for added Spanish channels. Check your tvfool.com or rabbit ears. And post it here.

  2. Either an Antenna or DTV Now (Plus). You could also look into Fubo (with the Latino add-on), Sling (with the TV Latino add-on), or Vidgo (which is Spanish only).

  3. PS Vue recently added Telemundo to a bunch of regions. If you go to their site and plug in your ZIP code you can see if its listed for yours.

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