Tvfool Only Has Yellow Signal Strength – Any Hope For An Attic Antenna?

First time long time from a lurker that enjoys following this sub. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for those with a completely green tvfool report, but haven’t come across anyone else in my situation:

Recently moved and brought with 3 year old version of the antenna linked below. Really only managing to get ABC and NBC to come in (with signal often fluctuating between clean and choppy). I’d really like to have FOX and CBS as well. I’ve mounted the antenna on the side of the house under the eaves both with and without the amplifier, but would really prefer it be in the attic. I’m willing to get a new antenna if it would help, but if it’s beyond improvement I’d really rather not go through the effort of running the coax. Thanks for the help and recommendations!

Current Antenna:

4 Replies to “Tvfool Only Has Yellow Signal Strength – Any Hope For An Attic Antenna?”

  1. Whatever you get leave it mounted outside. Attic mount will make your signal even worse. Looks like something at your location is making it harder to pickup a signal? Mountains, buildings etc…Is it possible to mount it above the eaves? Even temporarily to see if that helps.

  2. Seconding the suggestion to get your existing antenna up higher.

    Since all your interesting signals are coming from the same direction you could get significantly more antenna performance by getting a directional antenna. Example:

    * Winegard HD7694P

    Again, you would want to get the antenna up high. That might mean the roof instead of the attic.

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