TV download speed much lower than my laptop speed

Hi, noobie to cord cutting here. (Great resource this sub is, btw!) Why would my smart TV have a download speed of 20Mbps but when I use my laptop and check the speed, its 77Mbps?

Both devices are using wifi. Would using an ethernet cable to the TV, instead of accessing via wifi, work?

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  1. Ethernet always provides the fastest connection. Wifi will always be slower.

    Things that slow a wifi connection include:

    * Router broadcast strength

    * Quality of the wifi card

    * The number and composition of objects between the wifi device and the router. Your router should be placed as high up in the room as possible to bypass as much furniture as possible. You can’t bypass walls, unfortunately.

    * The location and activity of other wireless devices in the home (phones, kitchen microwave, baby monitor).

    * The channels being used on the router by the wifi devices (eg, 2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz)

    * Your connection to a particular server on the Internet. Run a speed test on 5 different servers around the world and you’ll get 5 different responses. But, two devices connecting to the same server should have similar responses.

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