Trying to use TitanTV.com listing, how to filter out channels you don’t want?

I’ve been using [TitanTV.com](https://TitanTV.com) and it works really well. I’m trying to filter out the channels I don’t have or don’t want. I’ve gone thru the list and tried to mark as favorite, then filter on favorites, but that only seems to show shows or programs, not channels.


I’d like a simple list of channels that I’m interested in, not ALL channels.


I can either add or subtract to get to my list, but I just need to know how.


I’m using the web version, not the mobile version.


If someone has a better option, I’d like to know. I have local (OTA) and two sources for streams (Hulu and web). I’m only interested on some channels, maybe 20~30 of them, I don’t want to search thru 100’s of choices.

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