Trying to use listing, how to filter out channels you don’t want?

I’ve been using []( and it works really well. I’m trying to filter out the channels I don’t have or don’t want. I’ve gone thru the list and tried to mark as favorite, then filter on favorites, but that only seems to show shows or programs, not channels.


I’d like a simple list of channels that I’m interested in, not ALL channels.


I can either add or subtract to get to my list, but I just need to know how.


I’m using the web version, not the mobile version.


If someone has a better option, I’d like to know. I have local (OTA) and two sources for streams (Hulu and web). I’m only interested on some channels, maybe 20~30 of them, I don’t want to search thru 100’s of choices.

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  1. Got it figured out.

    You have to make a custom listing. Under profile, settings, you find my channel lineups.


    1. create an account
    2. site preferences
    3. my channel lineups
    4. create custom lineup
    5. edit channels
    6. add channels

    You then pick from the list. It gives a short title for each channel, you select them as you want and order them as you want, then have that as your default view.


    Don’t know how to add Hulu yet, but at least I can edit down the list.

  2. You need an account, and you can add or subtract channels as you wish. Personally, I have 5 guides that I can select from.

  3. Go to the Desktop site, Create an account, click the red toolbox.

    If you just want to filter out channels on a premade lineup, just click the “Edit Channels” button next the lineup.

    If you want to combine multiple sources into one lineup then do this:

    * Click “Create New Lineup”, follow the guide to import a source
    * Repeat for each source
    * Now click “Create Custom Lineup” and give it a suitable name.
    * On the next page click “Add Channels”, and then click “Choose Channels to Add From an Existing Lineup”, then select the lineup from your first source and on the next page choose what channels from it you want.
    * Repeat for each source
    * Now you can freely rearrange things as needed.

    Click the tab “My Channel Lineups” to return to your list of lineups, and feel free to delete the lineups you don’t need, or set the one you just made as default. Return to the homepage and you can view your listings and search for shows.

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