thinking of cord cutting should we?

So right now we are paying $70 a month for internet and get 10 mbps down and $100 for cable. We need nick, cartoon network, amc, and travel channel. We also need our local news channels as well as cnn. We can upgrade our internet as well as we don’t have unlimited right now. Our provider is limestone cablevision. So what would be a good thing for us to do and save money?

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  1. First thing to do is reassess your “needs.”

    For example, if you want a 24/7 news channel, does it have to be CNN? CBS News is free and has apps for all the major streaming devices. You can get your local news stations from NewsON.

    Are the Cartoon Network and Nick shows your kids “need” to watch available on something like Hulu? Would they be just as happy watching other shows? You can add the PBS Kids change to Amazon Prime for five bucks/month.

    If you “need” AMC for like two shows, are you better off just renting them via Amazon?


  2. You absolutely don’t *need* nick, cartoon network, etc. etc. One of the things you learn when you cut the cord is how little you need what you thought you needed. My kids were little when we cut, and one of the reasons was nick and cartoon network force feeding commercials for every fucking toy imaginable.


    My kids only missed them for about a week.

    AMC? Yeah, I love Better Call Saul, but I just buy the season on Amazon and watch it the next day.

    ATA will score local channels.

    I use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and an antenna. Been cable free for about a decade now with zero regrets.

  3. If you don’t need CNN or cartoon network then get philo for $16/20 a month but if you want CNN and cartoon network then get sling with the kids pack however it won’t have nick but it will have nicktoons and TeenNick

  4. To get all the channels you listed, you’d need to get multiple services since Nick is uncommon on streaming platforms. Something like Hulu/Vue/YTTV/DTVN + Philo for Nick could meet your needs, depending on the locals which you’d have to check on each.

  5. Most streaming services have CNN at half of what you are paying for Cable. Look into Sling: if you get Sling Blue you get CNN, AMC, Cartoon Network and Travel Channel and you can add the Kids package for 10 bucks which Included Nicktoons and Teen Nick (Nick Jr comes included in Blue). You can also get Nick and all the other Nick Channels through Philo for around 16 dollars. For locals, you can get a 35 Mile Antenna and pick up local channels that way (Check TVFool to see what direction yields the strongest signals). Sling Blue will include some local channels but not all so [you need to check with Sling here]( to see what channels are available locally to you through their service. If you get an antenna, keep in mind, your signal strength depends on where you are located from the TV Towers in your area.

    Personally, I agree with everyone here that once you cut the cord, you begin to realize how the channels you thought you needed you realize you don’t actually need either. The majority of these channels are just marathons with the same shows, movies, etc depending on the channel. If you can get this stuff on Demand, look into that as an option as well 🙂

  6. A few suggestions.

    First, can you get your local channels through an antenna? If you can, that makes it easier to find a low cost solution.

    Almost all the streaming plans offer free trials for a week so you can try several to see what works.

    ATT Watch TV has all the channels you listed except for locals. It is $15 a month. If your cellphone is with ATT anyway, your plan might include it for no additional cost. It doesn’t have a roku app, so you would need either an amazon fire stick or an Apple TV. It only allows one stream at a time, so you can’t have two people using it at the same time. It also doesn’t have a dvr.

    Philo has all the channels you listed except for CNN and locals for $16. It includes unlimited dvr, but only saves shows for 30 days. (It uses the term “save” a show instead of “record” a show.)

    Some options for locals:

    CBS All access for $5.99 per month might provide a live feed of your local CBS station, but that varies by market.

    Sling Blue for $25 per month has all the cable networks you listed except for Nickelodeon. In some markets, it has local Fox and NBC stations. You could add Philo or ATT Watch for Nickelodeon.

    If you want to stream all your locals and get all the channels you listed, you’ll probably need to combine either Philo or ATT Watch with either You Tube TV, Hulu live, PlayStation Vue, or Directv Now. Locals vary by market, so you’ll need to check that with each service.

    Edit: See the comment about FuboTV from u/tribeoftheliver

  7. Fubo TV gets you all the channels for $54 a month. (Nickelodeon is coming in May.)

    How about Orby TV? It includes an antenna for setup, plus all the channels you want (locals and cable).

  8. Do you actually “need” those channels. There are plenty of free alternatives that are better, IMO. For local channels you can put up an Antenna. Pluto.TV has about 10 streaming news channels that are completely free. Or you can buy a sub to OAN.

    Take the savings and spend it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. And buying the occasional series.

  9. how much data do you use currently and what is your cap? Most streaming TV is 3GB an hour. So unless you are already close to the cap or watch a lot you probably won’t hit it.

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