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  1. Streaming has only just begun.We have not yet entered into any Golden Age. For every new commercial free premium service we hear about there seems to be an ad supported free service announcement to counter it. Nobody knows where this whole thing will be in 3 years.

  2. I think as more of these pay services come out, and the companies find out that people aren’t going to pay for them every month, we will, at some point, be back to 3-4 services that aggregate content. Might not be Netflix and Hulu, might not even exist yet, but it’s going to happen

  3. People who will not pay over $100 a month for cable will pay that much for 8 or 9 different streaming services? Must not get the entire point of not having cable and just streaming.

  4. How long before the big companies start with contracts on streaming services? DirectV Now $40/month or $30/month with a one year contract.

  5. This won’t change how I watch or what I pay at all. One service per month then move on to the next one. It takes a year for new seasons of shows to come out on streaming services, so the more services the better.

  6. Let’s not forget the main reasons we choose streaming over cable:

    Cancel at any time: they don’t require a credit check and you can give a card from privacy.com that doesn’t let the transaction go through. NO CONTRACTS

    Watch what you want, when you want.

    Far fewer ads. Netflix even did the math about how much they’d lose if they added ads.

    If price was equal, I’d still pick streaming.

  7. There are some very good points in this article… but sometimes I think this sub will make a stinky face at anything that talks about the cord cutting “movement” in a slightly dim light. It’s almost like the people who “identify” as Apple fans and will defend the company and its products to the death, even irrationally. It’s just the silly culturalism we live in now. I hope no one on here got a Cordcutter tattoo.

  8. Honestly, I am enjoying the choices I have now. Right now I only have Hulu for $5.99 and I am trying out all of the newer ad supported services like FreeDive and The Roku channel. I am paying less than I did last year as I found I no longer need Amazon Prime and I currently don’t have CBS All Access (using antenna and Locast instead.)

  9. This article quotes another tool. Exces assume inertia follows cordcutting, that those who seek to ditch cable are going to fall into the same feedback loop as they did with a bundle. Instead these same people are watching less content or finding alternative, free ways to watch.

    To see what you want, you’ll have to sign up for Apple, Hulu, Sling TV, Disney+, the MLB service if you like baseball,” Rayburn said. “Pretty soon, you’re spending just much as you did when you had a cable subscription.”

  10. Even if, and that’s a big if, my streaming cost as much as cable, I still come out way ahead because my streaming services have NO COMMERCIALS. This hit home recently with a free YouTube TV trial. I wanted to watch this show on Bravo. I didn’t actually time them, but the commercial time seemed equal to the content time. There was so many commercials I ended up cancelling mid-free-trial because of the excessive commercials. Watching the show wasn’t worth it.

  11. M&E person here.

    It was over when you lost net neutrality. Now media companies and Comcast/Verizon are running in circles trying to turn the Internet into channels and packages. Good luck.

  12. All these streaming doom and gloom stories use the same broken equation which is ‘people have to pay for all these streaming services in the same month’ so they now cost more than cable.

    Nothing could be more ridiculous.

  13. This fragmented market that is being created is more then likely going to lead to a cable like service where you bundle up a bunch of these services and offer a discount to the customer. As long as I get to choose what I services I want in the bundle and have no contracts I am OK with this as it may led to getting almost everything up for legal streaming.


    My family is willing to pay up to 60 bucks a month for video content. Right now we have HULU (.99 a month with ads for a year), Amazon Prime (about 10 bucks a month with annual sub, PBS ($5.00 a month) and DC Universe (about 7 bucks for a 15 month sub at about $75.00 total). This does not even get close to our cutoff point.

    Stuff like Netflix we will pay for when there is something we feel is worth watching and we get our local channels over the air. The only other streaming service I could see us paying for on a regular basis is one like Filmstruck that has a deep catalog of really old movies ( I love 30’s and 40’s comedies).




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