Streaming TV with Dolby Digital

I know this question has been asked before, but I don’t know if there’s been any updates or significant improvements since.

Do any of the streaming TV services support Dolbu Digital 5.1 yet?

I currently have YouTubeTV, and it still annoys me watching sports in Stereo sound. Also, not a fan of Pro Logic.

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  1. Netflix, Vudu, and Amazon all do up to dolby atmos, dolby digital+, or dd 5.1, depending on source and setup. Still a lot of stereo content. Live stuff like game of thrones was also still stereo, but if you watched the stream it was 5.1

  2. It’s sadly been like this for years. Dolby 5.1 has been a standard in broadcast television for decades, yet with Live TV streaming services, it’s skimped on.

    I would love to know why the industry won’t implement 5.1 for Live TV. I bet it’s a combination of bandwidth and licensing cost. smh…

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