Streaming in the Kichen

Does anyone know if you can stream sling TV on a device like the Amazon echo show or the Google hub? I’m looking to have a small screen in my kitchen to watch baseball games/videos while I cook and those devices would be perfect for that. I found a good deal on an Amazon echo show first generation and am getting mixed answers on if they are capable of streaming tv. I’ve tried to Google it and some people say you can some say you can’t. Any one know if it’s possible or maybe a different solution for a small screen for the kitchen? Thanks!!

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  1. I use a small Dell Windows 10 laptop, a Chromebook or my Iphone to watch Sling while I’m cooking. When I’m done, so are they. Nothing permanently cluttering the counter or attached to a cabinet.

  2. I’d get the SuperSonic SC-1311 HDTV, which is 13.3″, and slap a Roku Streaming Stick behind it. Get an arm for the TV and mount it under your cabinets.

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