SlingTV suddenly loading forever?!

Noticed in the last few weeks that Sling takes forever to load now. Never noticed this previously but as of late, maybe since last update where the DVR feature was added, it seems that it takes a long time to load.

Anyone else notice this? Really wish there were another cheap-ish service that has AMC on it, they need to get it together and offer AMC Premiere stand alone.

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  1. What are you loading it on? I’m not having issues ona Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Android phone, and a desktop and laptop both running Windows 10.

    Since you aren’t complaining of other services, then your internet connection is probably fine. So sounds like a device/app issue. You should first try a full power off/on. Actually unplug the power especially if it’s a smart TV.

  2. Its the app on the AppleTv. When using the AppleTV, the Sling app takes forever to load but when using a web browser on the computer it works fine.

  3. Using in latest AppleTV 4K and has its own dedicated hard line through the house. Little better today after having power cycled the router, switch and modem last night when the wife was working in the office.

    Does it in the main room and bedroom (both AppleTV 4K). Just not as snappy as it once was.

  4. Ok so after recent update of SlingTV on the AppleTVs the buffering/loading issue has decreased significantly. But now there is a new problem, we have Archer as one of our “my list” shows and on either of the AppleTVs when we go to select season 10, the most recent, Sling automatically crashes.

    Doesn’t happen on any other series, my list item, recommended show, nothing?! Thinking of removing the show from the my list and then re-add??

  5. It has happened to me once or twice recently. I power cycle my router and everything gets snappy again. Still, a little weird, since no other wi-fi / internet connections seem affected.

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