Signal Leakage?

I used to be away final week, and after I acquired residence final evening I discovered a word on my door that an Optimum tech had been by to analyze a “sign leakage” situation and that I ought to name to have them again out. One thing like that anyway. Come to search out although that once they got here out they shut off my Web on the pole pending my name. I needed to name final evening, demanding they flip it again on to solely be advised that somebody has to return out and switch it on right here.

So anyway, what’s “sign leakage” and why does it appear to solely be a problem since turning off cable TV?

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  1. Broken cable shield, loose connection, and corroded center-pin or splitter/wall plate center contact wear can all cause leakage as well as ingress. Ingress(noise) causes modem and phone outages, so that’s why they unhooked your service.
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  2. Others have answered your question but I thought I should mention that cable companies have techs whos sole job is to drive around with a leakage meter searching for signal leaks. It wasn’t a huge issue back in the analog days when I did cable as the worst that would happen is someone would accidentally hook their rooftop antenna to the output of a splitter, screwing up local broadcast channels for their neighbors (and sometimes transmitting cable channels out the antenna). Now that they’re cramming signal into every permissible frequency on that cable, signal ingress has become a real problem making it a lot more important to find the source of leaks and fix them.

  3. Thanks everyone. Doesn’t seem to be as big a conspiracy as I thought. Still waiting for the guy to show though. Oh well.

  4. > Cable operators can disconnect service in order to repair signal leakage that exceeds FCC standards, but may not charge you for service while it is disconnected.

    Cool, discount.

  5. Signal leakage causes ingress, which can disrupt service for other customers and yourself. It may have been a problem prior to you getting rid of cable tv, but only now become an immediate one/one that they caught. Fixing it means rerunning coax lines anywhere from the tap to your modem, but really shouldn’t take that long.

    Sorry your service got cut, I know how irritating it is. Hope it’s an easy fix!

  6. You may have too many cable splices, or splitters. They cause an increase interference or noise that effects neighboring splices from the main trunk line. I would ensure the internet modem is connected first and foremost to the main input line to the home, and if you have to splice the line , make sure the modem is near the first splice so it has the least amount of line noise.

  7. Most likely the issue in your installation was causing an outage or a major service disruption for others in the area. That or the leak was so huge that the tech was required (by policy) to take immediate action to correct it.

    Others have failed to mention that cable companies are required by the FCC to keep signal leakage under a certain amount (and they do flyovers and drive offs to measure this) because some of the frequencies used by cable or ones used for aircraft navigation.

  8. They have equipment at the nodes to test for this and they can locate where the break is on the line. Had this happen to be with Comcast when a critter was chewing on the drop to my place. The problem was the line techs just disconnected my line and didn’t say thing about it. I came home to no internet and had to make a call to Comcast to get a normal tech out to fix it. Guy went up the poll to find my line was disconnected and after seeing the damage he just ran a new line to the house.

    Good thing at my new place all the lines are underground.

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