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Hi everybody,
I recently switched from an indoor antenna to a rooftop, and I’m getting so many more channels. Besides just looking at TV Guide and guessing based on listings, are there any online resources for figuring out what type of channels they are, what type of shows they specialize in, etc? In greater Los Angeles area if that helps. Thanks!

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  1. See this section our [Antenna Guide]( (although its maps don’t seem to be updated frequently now),, and the FCC website listed are good starting places and aren’t sponsored by affiliate links. Antennas Direct’s version isn’t bad either although be aware they sell antennas so are more likely to push products they sell.

    For a better TV guide try:
    For the website, it defaults to your area’s cable listings so hit the “+” in the center of the page next to “location” – you can select antenna or even some streaming services.

    Our older [Quick Antenna Guide]( has a list of recommendated channels too.

  2. I just use the TV Guide app as a well, TV guide, so that I can see my local channels the shows playing and the upcoming shows. Sometimes easy to grab that when watching via the TV tuner rather than switching over to my Plex app on the Roku.

  3. If I understand your questions right, you do not want a guide but rather, what **type** of channel is it that is on? I too am looking…
    There are some new odd channels that are branded pretty badly. Like Heroicn (shows “manly” old shows).
    I have no idea what TBD is all about. It had some interesting documentaries on but then shows prank videos, I think? Maybe that is the clue: you never know… TBD…
    Others you can guess. Grit (westerns), Stadium (sports?), Buzzer (game show repeats).
    Actually, most of the OTA stations that are new are mostly repeat channels. Very disappointing and sad for the broadcasters that they did not take advantage of the air space and do some innovative new programming. Well, at least 7-11PM. They could have owned the F and S evenings with some programming innovation since the networks have abandoned those nights. Even PBS shows British reruns those nights. Sad.
    Another option could have been for studios or non OTA networks to rent space. Showing older cable shows (but edited for FCC) on those oddball channels. In 5 or so years, TWD or GOT on TBD or Heroicn every Friday night… with ads, of course.

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