I am a xfinity cable customer, (i know I KNOW) which is why I’m ready to cut the cord and go join the cord cutter family! Does anyone have any recommendations on live tv services (sling, YouTube tv, Hulu live), hardware (Apple TV, roku), or anything else!? I’m 100% open to all advise and recommendations because again I’m just now learning about all this. Thanks everyone!

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  1. I would first make a list of what you do watch (shows and events, not channels). Also as k6usy says, are you within antenna range? (check tvfool).

    After that it would be easier to determine whether or not you even need an OTT cable provider.

  2. Few thing you should consider:

    What TV market are you in? Do you care about sports? do you care about local channels? Can you put up an antenna for locals? What shows do you want? What streaming devices do you currently have? how many TVs do you have or how many TVs/devices will be used at the same time? What will be the speed of your internet connection when you cancel cable?

  3. We have 100Mbps/100Mbps symmetric fiber, and that’s plenty for us. Takes care of all of our streaming, mobile devices, and computer internet needs. Originally wanted the 1Gb fiber when I saw fiber was available here, but gave it some thought and decided to see if we could save the $40/month difference. That has worked out well for us.

    Comcast (which we happily left) had 150/5 and 250/10 speed tiers. I would have stayed with Comcast on the 150Mbps speed tier if the upload speed were more, the 5Mbps for upload just wasn’t enough upload capacity to do what we needed to do. I don’t like being blackmailed to pay $15 more a month just to get enough upload speed, so we took our business elsewhere :-).

    For TV, we have a couple of things. An indoor OTA antenna with a Tablo DVR works well. And for streaming, have ended up on Youtube TV. Youtube TV has almost all the locals except the ones I like, PBS, ION, and CW :-)…so those are OTA. We tried out just about all the streaming services, and like Youtube TV the best. The right channels, and a decent user interface. The other streaming source we liked was Playstation Vue, but decided we like Youtube TV better. We also have Netflix and Prime Video, we had those before we “cut the cable”, and intend to keep them.

    For streaming, we started with the Fire TV stuff, and gave up on those. Went to the Roku next, but the interface was old and slow, and half of your “home page” is a huge ad. Good quality streaming, though, and lots of apps. Ended up with the NVIDIA Shields, and Roku’s are backups at this point in case we need them.

    We’re pretty happy with where we’ve ended up, so I thought that I’d share our trip. Do use Netflix and Prime Video a lot. And the total is much cheaper than what we were paying…Just internet and Youtube TV is about $100 a month, cable (with internet and phone) was about $200 a month.

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