Philo is offering a free month to workers affected by the partial government shutdown

**UPDATE:** Thankfully, the shutdown has now ended temporarily, but we have decided to extend this offer through 2/15 given the uncertainty that there will be a resolution by that date.

~~We have every hope that the shutdown will end very soon, but~~ we decided this week to try to do something to help out by offering a free month of Philo to the folks who are affected and their families. Head over to []( for details. Here’s a short note I wrote about the decision:

>My family and I visited Death Valley National Park this past weekend. Before we left we wracked our brains for ways to appropriately show our appreciation to the National Parks staff who were working through the government shutdown in order to keep the park open. We settled on making a donation to support keeping the park open, our kids created hand-made thank you notes, and they also threw in some cookies for good measure. After seeing how appreciative the rangers were, the thought of how we at Philo could do something more stuck with me.
>We recognize that there are a lot of passionate, dedicated people that have been affected by the shutdown and we’d like to show our appreciation by offering a month of free access to Philo. It’s a small measure, but we wanted to do something to brighten the days of government workers and their families. We think that’s one of the things TV is best at.
>New customers can follow the link below to sign up with a special coupon. Because we had to work quickly to set this up, you’ll need to enter a payment card in order to complete the signup process, but you won’t be charged and can easily cancel any time within the month, if you so choose. Existing Philo subscribers can simply submit the form below and our support team will work to add a credit to your account.
>Thanks again for everything you do from everyone at Philo.

11 Replies to “Philo is offering a free month to workers affected by the partial government shutdown”

  1. I love Philo!! Hands down the best streaming service on the market. I’ve never had one issue with the service versus the constant issues with Directtv now. Philo’s unlimited recordings, and dvr is so fast!!! I’m glad to support a company that cares about us during these rough times! 🙂

  2. Will you offer no-hassle refunds if workers forget to cancel? Most services that are offering benefits to Federal workers are not asking them to make sure they aren’t charged when they have other things to worry about.

  3. I cut the cord because of the shutdown so I’m excited about this offer and think that this is one positive that came from being furloughed. We tightened up our spending and I think those habits will easily carry over once I’m working again.

  4. I love he fact that Philo has Hallmark for only $16. If philo had Turner networks instead of Viacom it would be perfect. $16 is so much cheaper than VUe’s $45.

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