OTA antenna in attic or higher up on the side of the house near the roof peak?

We cut the cord years ago, and are lucky enough to live in a place with decent signal strength for all the major networks (NBC, ABC, FOX etc). The TVfool report for our house shows all the networks slightly northeast of us (they’re almost all lined up in a straight line just very slightly east of due north) and max 45 miles distance for the most distant one. Currently we have a 35 mile antenna zip tied to the roof over our front porch but we get spotty reception on all but ABC, and it seems to be related to weather mostly.

I want to reliably get all the channels we should and I suspect the problems are the current antenna is not high enough, and a little underpowered. I want to order a stronger antenna (65 or 75 miles?) and either have it properly mounted pointing in the correct direction on the wall just under the roof peak, or in the attic. Does the roof itself or any mechanics nearby interfere with the signal if your antenna is in the attic? It would be in the same part of the house as the HVAC although the signal doesn’t have to go through the HVAC. It would be pointing away from it. I’d prefer to have it up there simply because it would be hidden, but not if it’s not going to really help my situation. We’re having the HVAC replaced in a couple of months and we have to get someone to install an access hatch and lay some flooring in the attic to give the contractors a safe space to work in, and I was going to get the same workman who will be doing this to also install my antenna either in there or he could attach it to the wall right up by the roof peak on the outside which I assume wouldn’t be a problem as long as he has a tall enough ladder. I was hoping to find out some info so I’ll know what would be the most likely successful location before I get him involved so I don’t waste his time and my money.

On the other hand in case he doesn’t want to do this, how hard is it to find dedicated TV antenna installers who have experience and know what you need for your location? I’ve googled and this doesn’t even seem to be a category on yelp for my area. Is there some search term I should use besides TV antenna installation?

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