Options for rural internet in a canyon?

I live in a rural area in a canyon where I’m about 200ft lower than the surrounding terrain. I can’t receive cellphone service down here nor is there any internet on the lines. Am I doomed to forever use satellite internet? I’ve been looking for other options but all the ones I’ve found rely on cell towers that I can’t connect to through several hundred feet of earth. Currently, I have HughesNet and it’s absolute garbage. I live in Washington State, near Spokane if that’s relevant.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. Unfortunately there probably aren’t any viable options beyond HughesNet for the next year or two. SpaceX is working on their Starlink system that promises to offer an experience that is comparible to a wired internet connection because their satellites are at a much lower orbit.


  2. From the top of the “hill” do you have line-of-sight to a place where they get good Internet? If so, some kind of wireless setup – I like Ubiquity gear – might work.

    So: You –> wify link to top of hill –> second wifi link to place where high speed connections are available.

    I have built such a system, with a solar power solution for the top of the hill. Took a whole morning to set up, but it’s been flawless for more than a couple years now. The friend I set it up for is still in awe that all this was done for well under $1000, and solar systems have gone down in price since.

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