NYC Resident- Live Streaming Advice Needed!

What’s the best live tv streaming option for a NYC resident like myself? I have Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which holds me down quite well. I’m wasting money on cable, but would still like to watch sports locally such as Yankees, jets , Knicks, etc. I’m a big nfl red zone guy as well. Asides from that I tend to watch FX, AMC, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, USA…but Amazon Video tends to hold me down with a lot of this.


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  1. See our [NFL Guide]( but note that is very possible that the NFL could re-arrange its streaming rights again this year. You will need to put in your zip code in all of [the streaming service zip code tools on their respective pages]( to figure which have the right regional sports network. My recollection (it has been a while since I checked) was that not all of the services have your regional sports network for your teams. Also check out our Antenna guide as you should be able to get a lot of channels via antenna too or possibly use (note the annoying tendency for it to time out quickly to ask for more donations) for some games.

    And your Amazon Prime will have some NFL Thursday night games.

    For entertainment channels especially for the summer if you aren’t watching sports too often, consider Philo or one of the Sling TV packages which are cheaper. Then cancel and sub to something like PS Vue (no PS required) to get red zone and NFL Network.

  2. I know this post is about streaming but on an aside one of the my favorite things about living in the city is a window mounted antenna will get you like 30 or more HD over the air channels which by far more than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Right now I’m picking up 33 channels

  3. I appreciate the insight! It seems as though the building management company has negotiated a really good deal with RCN, and I just found out that Cable and internet including HBO and Showtime only costs $85 a month in the apartment lease that I am taking over. I’ll just have to pay for NFL Redzone in season.

    … knowing this i feel as though I am better off just leaving things as-is since I already have Netflix and Amazon prime video for free

  4. You’ll need CBS (Jets), YES (Yankees), and MSG (Knicks).

    With Prime Video, you can get the “Comedy Central Now” and “CBS All Access” channels.

    Sling Blue + Sports Extra and CBS All Access is $40, which gets you everything except the Knicks.

    Fubo + Sports Extra is $64, and gets you everything except Comedy Central.

  5. I believe that PSVue does offer Yes and SNY and a good number of locals plus RedZone in fall. Sling is another good one to look at. Sling is one of the cheapest ways to get RedZone. It does seem that MSG is hard to get. I know that Dolan’s family started Cablevision. So, I assume MSG is a bit hostile to cordcutting. Maybe look for a service that offer TNT and NBATV. It’s my understanding that the NBA does not blackout all local games on TNT (team option). So, you might a get few Knicks games via TNT and NBATV.

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