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  1. Just because you put two things next to each other doesn’t mean you’re comparing the same thing. Half that list isn’t even comparing apples to apples

  2. Doesn’t feel like a super fair comparison. Netflix content will have a wider range, but there’s also a ton of bullshit on Netflix these days. The ratio of high quality content to bullshit is probably going to be substantially better on Disney+. They’re comparing Netflix entire budget to Disneys budget for just Disney+, which disregards the massive amount of money they put into content that will be on Disney+ but isn’t accounted for under that “$20-60m/movie”.

    The fact that they prioritized the High School Musical series over the other way more significant series and only listed two of the announced series compared to five of Netflix most popular titles should be all the indication anyone needs that this list was designed to favor Netflix. There’s several MCU and Star Wars related original series slated for year one, so the fact that this list put High School Musical at the top is suspect as fuck.

  3. Is that $6.99/$69.99 pricing accurate?

    If so, I think most people will subscribe to both Netflix and Disney. Basically, $20/month and its more content than you can ever watch.

  4. I just don’t see it as a competition for myself…..I personally think they’ll compliment eachother really well.At least that’s what I plan,to have both….I’ll drop another service I have instead

  5. Want to watch the latest Disney movie? Avatar, Star Wars, Marvel, XMen? It will be on Disney first. They own the largest amount of content on the planet and Netflix is WAY behind. Also, what family with kids and a tv are NOT going to subscribe to Disney? When Disney+ launches it is going to make massive gains on a global scale very quickly. In the end, there is room for both.

  6. Netflix has had 12.5 years to build that 5500 title library with 700 original series. Let’s see how Disney does in a few years before we start jumping in the sea of spicy “tale of the tape” takes.

  7. The point of these types of services is no contract and watch what you want when you want. You could have pay for one for a month and cancel, pay for another the next month. You don’t need to have every new streaming service at the same time. So when they offer something you wanted to watch fork out the money for the month and watch and cancel after.

  8. If Disney is able to deliver a feature film-quality experience with much of their programming, it will be very appealing to me at that price point.

    I respect what Netflix has done, but it’s a clear case of quantity over quality. Even when Netflix secures deals for big name properties (Arrested Development) or talent (Matt Groening, Adam Sandler come immediately to mind), they don’t appear to have the resources to help guide the quality of the content produced. Netflix is seemingly littered with “passion projects” from whatever stars or creators they want to do business with. Most Netflix shows fall victim to the same variety of fates: too long, unfocused, poor premise, etc.

    Arrested development is one of my favorite shows of all time and it’s depressing to think what it became under Netflix’ watch. House of Cards was really pretty good for 2-3 seasons, and then slowly became unwatchable. They produced more than 10 seasons of Marvel content and less than half of them are actually good—really every season suffers the same fate of stretching a story over twice as many episodes as it really needs.

  9. Disney+ also has the perfect price, let’s see how long they keep it at that price. Plus the catalog will just explode as contracts expire and they pull the newly acquired FOX content in. Also their plan is new features once they exit the box office window they go up on +, which will be well before physical disc and even pay tv release.

  10. What this doesn’t show you is what will no longer be available on Netflix and moving to Disney. Part of Netflix’s appeal to families was their exclusive Disney content including Star Wars and Marvel. What has been great for us is that the kids have transitioned from Mickey to Avengers as they have grown up. Will be a hit to Netflix for sure.

    However, give Netflix credit. They saw all of this coming and started the entire “make your own” streaming first content industry. Binge watching entire seasons is now completely normal. This was so foreign to us when “House of Cards” first premiered. They are an innovative corporation that has been planning for this for years.

  11. Some of those D+ movies have WAYYY bigger budgets than that…

    Also a lot of the netflix content is mediocre to trash levels. We tend to only talk about the good stuff, but the good stuff has been quite limited. Though of course the D has it’s fair share of bad eggs, the goods are the goods.

  12. I just realized that Netflix got rid of stars because if they were still there it would be evident how much subpar crap they have as originals.

  13. My kids have been down the rabbit hole of kids Netflix shows available and most are mediocre to YouTube quality at best.

  14. This doesn’t seem like a fair comparison at all, plus I’d take Disney’s 500 movies over Netflix’s 3000 B-tier garbage films.

  15. Netflix doesn’t seem to add up. What are 5500 titles? Episodes + movies? Or just series + movies? Disney breaks it down of movies and episodes.

  16. Netflix is intolerable because of the “previews” that you cannot turn off. If Disney does this too, then there might be room for an argument between the two services. But if Disney will allow just a list of Icons and written descriptions, possibly with optional previews that can be turned off in the settings someplace, then it is Disney, hands down, case closed, game over.

    Have you ever wanted to watch a movie or a TV show, and your friend who has seen immediately tells you all about it, so that it pretty much ruins the whole thing for you? This is what these video previews on Netflix do – for EVERY SINGLE SHOW THEY HAVE!!!

    You cannot turn it off. It is intolerable. I cancelled my Netflix subscription before I had even watched a single show. Amazon does not have this and I do not believe that Hulu does either. I hope Disney has the sense to not have this, or at least provide a way to easily turn it off if they do.

  17. It’s not really comparable. Disney has Disney content which is usually a win for families of all ages. Netflix is so hit or miss and a ton of their originals have ended.

  18. Comparing “Original Series” and “Original Movies” is pretty useless here.

    Disney is the copyright holder and financier of all Disney shows and movies. All of them are “Original”. They also now hold the IP of all 20th Century Fox shows and movies as well.

    I would bet they will try to take everything off Netflix near/after they launch, where contracts allow.

  19. These numbers seem bogus, who are they selling here? I’m pretty sure most of the marvel movies run way more than 60MM each, Star Wars too. $6.99/month is going to be a no brainer for millions of families, probably along side netflix. The real question is how long it stays 6.99/month or if they start doing tiers for more screens, better quality, mobile, etc.

    Editing, average marvel movie budget 186MM, all recent star wars movies back to phantom menace were over 100MM, 2016 Jungle Book was 177MM, odds are good 2019 Lion King will clear 200MM easily. 20-60MM is probably just budgets for 90’s animation, which were still a lot back then.

  20. Netflix standard plan. $13/month?

    I pay 8.99… used to be 7.99 but an extra dollar isn’t that bad. So that SD package isn’t the standard?

  21. The different pricing tiers for Netflix is just stupid. Like I know they have different video qualities and such but I can’t see paying extra for 1080p or 4K

  22. This is not an apples to apples thing for my family. Comparing them is borderline pointless. My kid will want Disney stuff and I will want Netflix stuff.

  23. I kind of don’t understand why Disney announced the pricing now when it doesn’t launch until November. Also why is Disney waiting to launch until November?

  24. I’m not interested in the D+ content but that’s a compelling price for it. Happy for the families out there. I’d like Netflix to offer a yearly price though.

  25. I feel disney+ is perfect for families. For me I hardly ever watch anything disney that isn’t in theaters already

  26. Garbage post, adds nothing, and misses the entire appeal of Disney+.

    I’ve long since bailed on Netflix. 99% crap that I couldn’t bear to watch. Add to that, they fire women for getting pregnant (allegedly), and treat their employees terribly (so I’ve heard).

    I dropped Netflix months ago and have yet to miss them for a moment.

  27. So, if you’re a grown adult with no kids go with Netflix. Got it.

    Edit: Apparently people get really uptight about entertainment.

  28. So the question being posed here is “How does Disney+ stack up to Netflix” followed by what I can only assume the person creating this content thought was the most relevant information to compare. Disney+ will stack up to Netflix just fine, there is a bit of a different audience for each platform, so I don’t think comparing them like apples to apples is a good idea here. Then they follow up by making the comparisons wildly different. Almost everything except the Launch Date contains different information that I am supposed to use to compare the 2? For example how does Budget work? The Netflix comparison is using a number based on their own production values, does this include licensing fees for the other movies? No, well why not? Then why in the world do they pivot to Disney+ and start giving us numbers based on how much it costs PER movie. This makes no sense.


    I would assume Disney+ to be a big hit now, not only because of the access to all the classic movies, but Disney owns almost everything media wise now anyways. One way or the other the mouse will get your money!

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