29 Replies to “Netflix v Amazon? It’s a one-sided battle at the moment”

  1. My biggest issue with Prime is they show you everything, then half of it is an extra fee. Netflix is all inclusive. I do understand how to tell one from the other, but there needs to be an option to exclude completely the fee-based shows so my kids don’t have to sort through them all.

  2. What’s shocking is that when you pay for Netflix you get Netflix

    When you pay for Amazon, you get prime video, music, digital books and most of all free 2 day shipping.

    I saw a report that said less than 30% of amazon prime members even use the streaming service.

  3. Prime video is more like a side hobby for them, but they are still in the big 3. I have prime, for the deals and shipping, so I view the video side as an added bonus. If they clean up the interface I think more people would look into prime just for the video side.

  4. I cancelled prime yesterday as today was my renewal day. I love the programing but actually didn’t save anything on shipping this year. I’ll miss Amazon Music more than prime video. I’m sure I’ll go back but want to stay with HBO until GOT.

  5. I just didn’t renew my Prime today. Kept Netflix and Hulu. I think in the near future I’m going to play the monthly switching game. Two months netflix, 2 months hulu, 2 month hbo, etc. Not sure I can do amazon again – I’m tired of their lack of any policy in their retail area for counterfeit sellers, I’m tired of having to watch so super closely what I buy. I feel good to be done with them.

  6. It was more of a question a year ago or so ago. But no longer. Netflix is just now too far ahead.

    But Amazon has tons of other things.

  7. The only reason I have Prime is for the shipping. I watched a couple of NFL games until Fox<->Amazon started to show the same thing.

  8. When I think about my absolute favorite streaming shows most are on Amazon. Although I do love Babylon Berlin on Netflix. When you add that you get back catalog HBO stuff on Amazon it’s the one that I would keep if I had to pick between the two.

  9. Overall, I think Prime Originals > Netflix Originals.

    Both have their hits and misses, but Netflix seems to go for quantity over quality, hoping something will be a hit. Meanwhile I feel like Prime more carefully curates their originals.


  10. Just pointing out that your article references only the UK…Here in the US It’s Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon, and tbh Netflix might be the loser as they are uping their price while Amazon is staying the same and Hulu is lowering theirs.

  11. Prime, at least on their devices, is very good at making things very confusing for people. And I think it’s on purpose so they can get more money. After all, that is the name of the game for the big players.

  12. Prime is coming up on their video offering, but they’re still pretty far behind both Netflix and Hulu. I like having it as an option, but they’re probably the 3rd or 4th service we go to when looking for something to watch.

  13. Amazon’s UI is a mess, as others have said you can’t separate what’s included and what’s is and extra fee. Amazon also doesn’t have an option to block specific shows, they only have the option to block what they feel fits into certain age groups, same as their fire tablets, it gives kids an all you can eat content buffet and gives parents no real power to filter out specific content. And of course they block all of the apps that would enable you to do that because they want you to use their shitty parental lock app that they charge a subscription fee for and is barely customizable.

  14. i like how netflix recommends the same 5 titles in every single goddamn category. **IS IT HORROR OR IS IT ROMANCE NETFLIX?!?!?!?**

  15. It seems to me that Amazon and Netflix are competing with each other to see who can come up with the shittiest possible UI. Every sinking to new lows.

  16. Prime video is just a plus for having a Prime account the way I look at it. Had a prime account long before Prime video became a thing.

  17. Amazon would probably fare better if Prime’s interface weren’t pure, unadulterated shit.

    I don’t want to “shop” for something to watch like I would toilet paper.

  18. I feel like the lego store comparison was pretty dead on where Netflix is nice and organized and Prime is just everything thrown onto a table. I would spend far more time there if it was better organized as to what is included and what’s a rental fee.They do have some great content though I love Grand Tour

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