My husbands convinced it’s impossible to cut the cord

We need you help, my husbands a little old fashion and doesn’t think it’s possible to cut the cord while still being able to watch all his basketball games.

Here’s our set up:
We’re in NYC paying $150 for Spectrum (cable, phone, internet). We do not need the phone nor do I think we need the cable either; we already pay for Netflix and Amazon because we have a Roku for the bedroom tv. He says in order to cut the cord, he’ll need access to NYC basketball games like NBA TV, MSG, ESPN, and AMC. I like watching A&E and MTV (no judgements please, I enjoy trash tv sometimes) but everything else I can just watch on on streaming. What would be the best set up for us so he can watch these but we don’t pay $150/month for services we don’t use. Any and all help is appreciated!

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  1. It would be better for your husband ‘s mental and financial health if he stopped rooting for the Knicks. They are just bringing heartache and costing money.

  2. Sports is the last bastion for the cable companies. I personally am a huge baseball fan. There are ways to get sports but they are not quite legal and frowned on in this sub.

  3. I’m the same way, I have to have the bruins, redsox, Celtics and Patriots…..the PS Vue app on the Roku has all of them, try out a free 7 day trial no strings attached, can cancel it any time, it’s $45 a month for me. Check their channel lineup and see if they cover his sports needs with the core package.

    Also the Roku ultra is so worth it, plugs directly into the internet so it’s lightning fast, super fast click response time. Also the Roku remote takes over as the TV remote for turning it on and off and volume.

  4. Check out Spectrum should be only $65/month or so for 200mb down.

    Fwiw, There are only two streaming services that have MSG: fubo and DTVNow.

  5. What I did some time ago was take out a subscription to Youtube TV when it was $35 total (no fees) a month. It’s now $40 a month total. Eventually when YTTV added the Turner channels I decided to make the switch. I mention YTTV because they have a lot of sports that might be enough for your husband. I am not sure they have the channels you want, but it’s so little money to try out that maybe you could consider that. I have a grandfathered Spectrum internet for $41.95 so I am saving a lot but maybe you can get a different internet plan? YTTV does have DVR though it’s a little harder to use than on a cable box, however it’s great to get rid of the box and the fees.

  6. In your case it may not make sense to cut the cord as your bill seems reasonable. You won’t know for sure until you contact Spectrum and get a quote for internet only. Since you will be streaming TV through your internet you will want to price out at least 100mps service. Now suppose they tell you it’s $100/mo for internet only then you are looking at $40 – $45/mo for a service that carries your channels (DTVN, YTTV, Hulu). Sling wont work as they dont have MSG.

    Crunch the numbers and update your post on what you find out.

    Also take a look at your bill to determine if you are renting a cable modem from spectrum. If you are stop doing that and buy your own DOCSIS 3.1 modem []( Mine is going on 4 years old and at $8/mo would have cost me $384 to rent, I bought it for less than half that.

    Also do you want to watch your local tv channels on the Roku? Go to []( and get the Roku app. NYC is one of their markets.

  7. We did two things. First is we checked Amazon for the shoes we watched. Almost everything we regularly kept up with could be purchased on Amazon streaming for $20 or less and each episode was available a day late. We allowed ourselves to spend freely that first few months and realized pretty quick we didn’t like the shows nearly as much when it wasn’t sitting on a DVR collecting back episodes for binge watching. Eventually we settled on just a few shows we legitimately cared about and found out we really didn’t care that much about the others.

    Second, for the sports, I pulled cash for the bill difference. So, month 1 I saved $100 by cutting cable, spent $20 on a show. Take $80 in cash and use it for guilt free spending at the best sports bar I could find to watch the games when I wanted. I found out the same thing on sports that I watched a lot more out of boredom than out of actual enjoyment.

    I don’t miss a cable bill one bit. I feel a lot better reading and working on projects instead of spending all night on the couch, too.

  8. Just tell him it is possible and in the neighborhood of $40-65 a month for the streaming services. But as has been mentioned may not save you any money.

  9. You need to lookup all the streaming services and see if any or a combo of them meet your channel needs and prices. $150 is not bad at all for your current bundle.

    For anything local, good news is if you cannot get everything over OTA with an antenna, you live in a market which you can stream for free live OTA tv.

  10. I think the DirecTV Now $65 plan is the only streaming service that has every channel you mentioned. The $55 plan is only missing NBA TV. I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t speak to it’s quality, but it may be worth trialing to possibly save a few dollars per month.

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