My Experience with ATTTN & YTTV

​I still have my grandfather plan on ATTTVN. I have no complaints about ATTTVN other than their DVR. I like the channel that I’m getting. The layout makes sense to me because it looks like a traditional TV service. I was finding myself spending too much time watching TV because of DVR guilt. What’s the point in having a DVR when you have to watch your shows after it airs because the lack of space? 20 hours is not enough.

Since YouTube TV got added to Fire TV, I thought that I would give it a try. Other than the channel selections (no Viacom, but who watches MTV when was the last time they showed history on the History Channel?), there are missing networks that I like to have (Paramount for Yellowstone) on YouTube TV, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

I have to agree with others that made the switch that their service out shine AT&T TV Now by miles. The backbone for the service is a lot more robust and the searches are extremely fast. Their interface is a bit confusing at first because it feels like a terminal at a RedBox, but after a day, you quickly adjust.

Here is a kicker. Their DVR works! Imagine that? YTTV DVR has a learning curve that takes time getting used to because besides having the ability to pause, rewind, fast forward live TV, you can’t delete any of your recordings because the space in unlimited and 9 months of retention. Unlike a traditional DVR, where you delete and have to make space, you can’t delete anything. Also, when you choose a show to record, like for example Modern Family, you can’t choose to record only new episodes. YTTV records everything from all channels and break them down into different seasons and when at new episode airs, it will mark it as new. It was pretty annoying at first, but I see their point now. I don’t have to remember what channel/network Modern Family is on and go to the guide and click on record. All I need to know is what I want to record and it does it all for me. I know it sounds weird, but once you get over the fact that you can’t delete, I understand the concept.

The best way that I can explain their Cloud DVR is, don’t think that you have your own dedicated space in the cloud, but you are all sharing massive amount of server space, where Google is recording everything all the time. When you are requesting to “record” something, it’s like an ongoing list that someone else has requested and Google is recording multiple copies of that show and whatever has the best quality, it will add them to your library until you don’t want anymore.

I might be totally wrong and if others knows how Google does their Cloud DVR, please reply.

I like ATTTVN also. There are huge benefits to their service. I only wished that they had the same artichture aa YTTV. I haven’t cancelled my grandfather plan just yet, but having no DVR guilt is a nice feeling.

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