Looking to cut the cord – but quality sports streaming a an absolute MUST. What would you say is the best service for this?

We’re a few months away from football season – getting closer every day! – but I’m looking to move away from cable and to streaming. A service with the least amount of streaming delay, and a wide variety of ESPN channels, SEC network, and NFL network, is the goal. With my own research, I haven’t found a happy medium between these, however.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Psvue I believe. For sec you might have to log into the watch espn app, depends on how silly they are being this week

  2. PS Vue! They have the above mentioned. You’ll just have to enter your zip code on their website to see which locals they provide in your area.

  3. If you can live without NFL Network, YouTube TV is the way to go. Reliability, UI, and picture quality are all top notch.

  4. I use YouTube TV and love it but I may switch to Vue for football season like I did last year. It has the NFL Network and also Redzone channel for an extra $10/month, plus every other sports network you’ll need for college football (and almost any other sport). In my experience YouTube Tav and Vue are the best services overall.

  5. Having used both Vue (a while back) and YTTV (currently) I feel like YTTV has better picture quality with Vue capped out 720fps.
    Plus if you are in the habit of starting to watch a game while it is still in progress, with Vue you have to join live, avoid seeing the score and rewind to the start. YTTV gIves you the option of starting from the beginning of the broadcast.

  6. You will want to test out the one that works best for you. I see all these positive suggestions of PS Vue, but it did not work well for me. YTTV works like a charm. My only issues are when I use it on a TV with built-in Roku, which is the TV’s problem. But, as other said, PS Vue has better access to NFL stuff. For me, football seasons means college, so that’s not a concern.

    As far as delay, when we have been monitoring a game on our phones, my FIL tends to ruin things for us with his stats updates from his phone. So, there’s clearly a delay, but that may be only (or worse) on mobile. This generally doesn’t matter to us, because we’re not live chatting about it or anything. I may try going to a sports bar and timing exactly how delayed we are.

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