Looking for Clear Air TV Antennae Suggestions

A preemptive thank you. My father has an RV and is looking to upgrade his antenna for better clear air reception. I’m not sure the specifics of his existing setup, but it just looks like basic rabbit ears which isn’t yielding him much success. I’ve done some research but wanted to get some other opinions before going any further.

He requested something with 150 mile or greater range, multidirectional antenna with rotator feature which he plans on mounting on a 30′ pole. He’s looking for something which is durable but also won’t “break the bank.”

It’s probably worth noting that he’s in a wooded, semi-rual area. Any suggestions would be welcomed because I don’t have much experience in these matters.

Again, thanks for the help.

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  1. Any good antenna manufacturer should give you a VSWR plot. It plots VSWR vs. Frequency. The closer to 1 the better. See what channels you need and select the proper antenna. Do not use generic phrases like 50 mile antenna. It could be 50 miles rated using a simulation at some frequency you never use.

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