Left directv.

I just left directv. I used to love this service and always thought it was the best of the best for its time. But now that so manu options are available. I want to look elsewhere. I simply hated commercials with a passion. Too many on live tv. So now im either considering a streaming service for the few channels i do watch. And sticking to vod apps especially with HBO Max & Disney+ coming it be worth it! However i do miss the music choice channels. What services do you guys recommend?

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  1. If all you need is free music then there are a number of them the best is probably TuneIn and then you might want to check out PlutoTv it has a few music channels plus alot of other types of content.

  2. What channels do you watch? I don’t think any streaming service carries the music choice channels, but Amazon Music’s Unlimited Plan can get you some pretty good options there. Give it a genre and it’ll play much the same way as the music choice channels.

  3. Prime Music stations with Alexa/Echo devices. I have my Apple Music subscription paired with it too but I like the Prime music stations.

  4. I just made a similar comment in another thread. Netflix just needs to add a 24/7 live news channel like CNN, but with no commercials and I could cut the cord on ATT / Time Warner and the rest of TV with commercials.

  5. To replace music choice I recommend pandora. You can set up your own genre’s and have the Christmas music channel year round now!

  6. Too many options to say but I will tell you I use YouTube TV love it and one thing we really like is no commercials. When a commercial break comes during live TV almost all of them just go to a screen that says Commercial Break and they play some nice music.

    By the way I too hate DirecTV and never use them anymore other than for the football Sunday Ticket.

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