Is there a way to wirelessly transmit between antenna and tv?

Yesterday I picked up the Mohu curved antenna from Best Buy. Our tv is positioned in a not so good place for an antenna. I can pick up some local channels but I’m missing some obvious ones like fox. If I had the freedom to move it further from the tv it would be better but I’m not going to drag a 20 ft coax cable through my living room. Is there any way to wirelessly transmit from the antenna to the tv? Edit: I’m getting no stations above 16. That’s pretty bad as I understand it….I’m only a few miles out of a major city.

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  1. Does it pick up well near your router? If so you could get something like a Tablo DVR or HDHomeRun and then send the signal wirelessly across your network.

    Antenna –> Tablo/HDHomeRun –> Router via Ethernet –> Wirelessly to your TV’s using an app (Tablo App, HDHomeRun app)

    Other than that you may have to run a coax somehow.

  2. You’ll experience some latency if you go wireless with any device (Tablo, Recast etc). Although unsightly, the coax is the best/most reliable way to go.

  3. I’m not sure who would drag the coax through the living room. These projects take work. It took me a few hours, but holes drilled, worries dropped from attic down walls … All is hidden.

  4. im running into the same issue becasue my gf and i got a new couch and are gonna move the tv to the opposite corner of the living room away from the window where the antenna is. Since we have light colored walls im thinking i will run a white coax cord along the crown molding of the ceiling with clips. That is gonna be my weekend project because football season starts this sunday

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