Is it worth buying a new Roku device?

We currently have an old Roku 3 box as well as an old Amazon FireTV 2 box. We love the FireTv however YouTubeTV is not available in the Amazon eco-system. We plan on using both YouTubeTV and Philo TV for our needs, both makeup for the other one’s shortcomings. My question is, is it worth buying a new Roku devivce? We don’t have a 4K tv.

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  1. Just switched from a 3 to an ultra they where on sale for $40usd over the holidays there is a difference but I wouldn’t say it’s worth it at full price. The menus look better it’s a bit faster there are more features.

  2. The streaming stick is awesome. I still love my Roku 3 but I’m blown away by the performance of the stick. I think it’s worth it.

  3. I recently upgraded from a Roku Premier to an Ultra and was impressed by the difference in performance. The premier was laggy, while the Ultra is snappy and stable. Ultra also has TV power / volume on the remote, which is great. Remote finder is a neat feature, though I don’t use it all that often. Having a physical Ethernet port was also a big plus.

    For the record, I am also a non-4K user on YoutubeTV and Philo. I was pleased enough with my Ultra that I bought a second one to replace an older Roku in my bedroom.

  4. I’d say get the 4K Roku just to future proof yourself, it’s worth it. And the thing about Roku is that since it’s neutral and doesn’t go into drama with many of other companies, like Apple Vs Google, etc.

    The voice search on Roku is garbage but you can pair Roku with google assistants and use it with google home.

    But the thing is that most likely, you might get a 4K TV + Roku built in so might as well get an Apple TV 4K since it supports Dolby vision and atmos.

  5. I upgraded as my Roku 2s were old and didn’t even support profiles on Netflix. But if you’re on a 3 and it works, then I’d say just keep what you’ve got. Unless you get a really good deal.

  6. I noticed that some apps, such as the YouTube app hang up on my old Roku 3, causing me to have to reboot it. Otherwise it works well enough for now, but I will likely replace it within the year. The Roku Ultra’s that I own are faster and nice. Worth the upgrade, if you can get it on sale or refurbished (I buy all of mine refurbished on BTW – all my TVs are 1080p still.

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