Is cordcutting right for me?

Ok so I just found out about this sub and started looking around. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and wanted to share my personal situation and see if any of y’all with experience here can help me out. Either by shooing me away or helping relieve some of this anxiety from all this information haha. I never realized cordcutting was this complex. So this might be a long read but if you can get through it and offer some advice I’d appreciate it.

Ok so me and my wife have Comcast for our internet and cable. We pay $175 a month for cable with 150MB Blast internet and HBO. I was thinking that things would be much cheaper once cutting the cord but after looking around and seeing everything has monthly fees, I feel like we may be going through all this work just to end up paying almost the same monthly prices in the long run anyway. Is cord cutting even worth it?

So first I guess I will start breaking things down by what we want to watch. We are big New Orleans Saints football fans so catching every game in the highest possible quality is a must. My wife likes watching Young and the Restless, food network, and dancing with the stars. Those are her must haves. We have twin 3 year olds so Disney junior is a staple in our household as well. Other things are random shows like the Orville, Vikings, This Is Us, etc. And that’s pretty much it as far as I can think of right now. So I’m not sure exactly which apps I would need to watch these things properly without having a thousand different monthly subscriptions to things.

We have a 4K samsung smart TV, a PS4, and my computer is hooked up to my tv, since I use it to do VR gaming on the Valve Index. I was looking at the Firestick 4K or the fire box top, then I saw a lot of people just use HTPC’s or even their PS4’s. Since my computer is connected to my TV already would this be a better option for me? The only think about that is how easy it is for my wife to use. I don’t know how much she’d like going browsing my computer to watch tv. I think she would prefer a traditional remote control sitting on the sofa kind of experience when wanting to watch tv.

My wife also doesn’t have time to watch her shows live so having a way to record them for later use or having an on demand option is a must have as well. That way she can watch them whenever she wants.

So I guess that about sums up what equipment we have and what we are looking to achieve. If I’ve missed something or you need any more info from me please let me know. Given all this, what do you think would be the best options for us? Would it be simpler and cheaper for us to just stick with comcast or should we look into cordcutting?

And if we do look into cordcutting what exactly are we getting into? Will we be needing an antenna and a bunch of different monthly subscriptions to watch the things we need? Will we be spending a lot on different equipment to be able to watch all the things we want and record things to watch later. It seems overly complicated to just save a little bit of money. Is it really worth all the hassle and all the different bits of equipment and complexity of viewing to save this amount monthly? And is there anything you see I may have missed mentioning or didn’t think about in this whole process?

Thanks for any insight and advice you’re able to offer. Sorry if all these questions are stupid and things that are answered constantly. I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure where to even start. As a beginner cordcutter I appreciate any and all advice!

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  1. Relax. Your questions aren’t stupid. You can ease your way into things. An antenna can be an excellent part of cutting the cord but isn’t necessary. Get a report from to see if one is practical in your situation. There are a number of ota dvrs which work with an antenna. PSVue is a natural fit for your PS4 and may give you all you need. A roku or firestick will open up your options to the other services. You may want to add CBS All Access to the mix. You can use free trials to check out the services and see how well they suit you. There are no long term contracts so you can change things up each month. You can binge Dancing With the Stars on Hulu Live one month then drop it for something else or nothing. You can do the same with HBO.

  2. So I kind of battled the same stuff you are going through. Then one day I couldn’t watch my cable TV because I needed a box between the TV and the cable. Before I just plugged directly into the TV.

    So before this I felt I needed all these channels that I would go to in order to have something on. After this I realized that I really didn’t care about all those shows and channels. So I would suggest try going as basic as you can first then after a month or so see what you really miss.

    I know Amazon Prime has a lot of stuff. I am just starting to dig into it. You not only have the Prime content but also IMDB content. There is probably more there than you realize. The original content I have gone through on there (Tick, Man in the High Castle, Good Omens, The Boys) is simply amazing. Then they have a lot of TV shows and movies for all different viewers.

    I don’t have netflix but from my understanding they have even more options in the movies. Also they are pumping out original content as well.

    Really between the two of those you might find you have more than you can ever want.

    I personally like the Fire TV. A lot of people love Roku. After having a Fire TV for a couple of years I got a Roku and just went back to the Fire TV. So for you probably get the Fire 4k Stick would be my recommendation. Though others have their preferences. Also, while most apps work on all of the systems there are some that are exclusive to a certain system. So if you want to go with an exclusive app that might make your decision for you.

    I would say if you want to try and get everything you have with cable then its probably cheapest and easiest to stay with cable. Though I am also certain that you can easily adjust to watching things differently and realize you might not have wanted all of that.

    I think Young and the Restless and Dancing with the Stars in on regular TV? So you can get an antenna for that hopefully. If you really want to watch it later you would need something like the Fire Recast. They may also be on something like Hulu that you can get pretty cheap with adds?

    Food Network I don’t know an alternative. Though that was one of the ones I thought I wanted too and realized I was just watching it because at times it was just a more interesting of the alternatives. Not watching it because I really wanted to or because there was some need to have show. If you find you really need Food Network then maybe look into a skinny bundle. Though my guess is after a month or two you all would have forgotten about it.

    The Saints, that will depend on if you are in their market and what the schedule as them on. Like do they have Monday or Thursday night games? I think Amazon might play the Thursday night games so you would have that part covered. At the most you could get some other service for the season then drop it. I am planning on doing a similar thing for college football with probably going for Hulu Live TV because it looks like it will cover all of the games for my team.

    There is also a disney streaming service coming out soon that will have a really good deal if you pay for the year. I would look into that though I am guessing that between Prime, Netflex, and free stuff you might already have the kid more covered than you realize.

    Some free stuff to look into:
    Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Crackle, PopcornFlix, PopcornFlix for Kids, PBS Kids.

  3. Oh. Forgot you can also get the CW app to watch several of their last episodes for free. That is a pretty good free one as well. Though I think Netflix already carries a lot of their shows?

  4. I cut the cord several years ago and just simply watch much less TV. It’s really improved my quality of life to do other interesting things. About all I watch now is the occasional local/national news.

    If you’re hooked on watching TV, it’ll be hard to cut it. But the potential savings of over $1000 a year should count for something.

  5. If you wish to use the PS4 the only live streaming option that works on a PS4 is PS Vue (it also works on major devices like fire TV, Apple TV, Roku). You can watch standard Hulu on a PS4, but if you try the “Live” version of Hulu it will block it.
    PlayStation Vue would certainly cover sports needs. The $55 Core option covers sports better than most services. You may just want to check which if your local affiliates is available. YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV cover most big sports. The biggest thing that Vue covers many others do not is NFL network and the option of add on NFL Redzone. Since I’m big on NFL Redzone that’s a big reason I’m using Vue currently. It also have channels like NHL network coming in the fall and bein sports which covers alot of international soccer (which you may or may not care about) that most services don’t cover. Also for sports fans Vue is unique in that is has a “Multiview” feature on PS4 and Apple TV devices that allows you to watch up to 3 screens at once on PS4 and up to 4 screens at once in Apple TV 4K.

    There are other options like Sling, DirecTV Now, and Fubo. But in my mind Vue, $50 YTTV and $45 Hulu Live are your best bets. Each have pros and cons regarding capability and functionality. Vue and YTTV both include unlimited space DVR in the price with Vue’s recordings expiring in a month and YTTVs in 9 months. Hulu includes one, but it’s only 50 hours and doesn’t let you FF through commercials. You have to upgrade to “enhanced DVR” for like $10 to move to a 250 DVR that you can FF through, but Hulu’s recordings never expire. Vue comes with 5 simultaneous streams which is great for a big family, YTTV comes with 3, Hulu comes with 2, but again allows the option to “upgrade” to unlimited streams. You can always trial any service for a week or so to check it out.

    You also mention the Orville specifically. Since that’s moving from Fox to Hulu next season perhaps it makes Hulu with Live TV a good option since it includes standard Hulu with it. But of course if you only care about a show or two on Hulu you can always jUst subscriber for $6 a month when the new season comes out and drop it.

  6. For local channels, you can go to [](, and see what’s available to you and what kind of antenna you will need to get it. We get all the local network affiliates that we’re looking for, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, ION, and PBS using an indoor OTA antenna (at attic height in our 2-story house). And a Tablo to get the TV signals on our home network so that the one indoor antenna is available to all our TV’s. Of course, you’ll need to use the Tablo app at your TV’s for this. If you can get the OTA option going, and you get the Saints games on a local station, you could be set for your football games right there.

    As far as what we’re paying for recurring costs for have “cut the cable”, $50/month for internet, and $50/month for Youtube TV. That’s it…we also have Netflix and Prime Video, but we had those for a long time while we had cable, so I can’t count those as part of the cost of cable :-). We’re much like you, Comcast was charging us $170 a month for a lot of channels that we didn’t watch, and somewhat functional internet. Problem with Comcast internet was that it was 150Mbps down and 5Mbps up in our area, and that just wasn’t enough bandwidth on the up side too much of the time. We now have 100/100 (fiber), and that’s more than enough internet for our needs. Oh yeah, we also have Ooma VoIP phone, which is another $5/month. Love to cancel it, gateway for robocalls, but my wife needs to have a “home” phone. So it goes…

    Good luck, and you know where to ask more questions :-).

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