Is 60 MBPS enough for my girlfriend and I for internet?

Looking at Comcast since its one of the few providers available for our building. I play my xbox and my girlfriend watches TV using a Roku. Do you think 60 MBPS is enough for us? I don’t know much about this and Comcast is trying to talk us into upgrading to 150 MBPS. I’ll happily pay for the upgrade if 60 isn’t enough but not trying to waste $$ on something that isn’t needed. Thanks!

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  1. I was streaming from a Fire TV, playing fornite in one room on PC while someone else played fornite on a ps4 in another. Then sometimes would have a computer streaming youtube videos and/or a tablet playing a game. This was on about 20 mbps. For what you have going I would think 60 should be fine.

  2. Yes I just dropped down from Comcast 150 to 60 to save $ didn’t even notice still streams 4K perfectly and I have about 10 devices running on it at any given time no issues.

  3. 60 is plenty (as already mentioned). The only thing never brought up, that is actually the usual cause of “issues” as posted in any forum/msg board is hardware (whether it’s modem/router…or device being used).

    As for the description you gave…gaming (the only thing the hardcore gamers care about more than speed is latency, also not an issue here) and just watching TV on a streaming box/stick, not likely you’d have any issues. Stick to 60, all cable companies / ISPs want to upsell even when it’s completely worthless for the customer.

  4. Should be fine. We have 100Mbps, and that’s way more than enough. I’m betting that 50Mbps would be more than enough for the two of us.

  5. Yeah,plenty. My husband and I watch Roku, firestick, play on our tablets, and play online games on our PCs. Sometimes we’ll have three out of four of those going at the same time. We only have 25 Mbps and never had a problem.

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