Internet Speed Tests

I have ran 6 different speed tests on various websites. I pay for 150 mbps thru Xfinity. The speed tests on various sites have been mixed. Xfinity says 170 mbps, 2 others say 120-140, 3 others are between 39-55 mbps. Which ones can I trust? I feel like Xfinity will just lie. Haha

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  1. You can “trust” all of them. Speed tests only test the speed between you and the test site. As you can see that varies widely.

  2. The internet is a series of multiple pathways, and you go a different way to get to each server. Comcast’s own site will most of the time be the best as it’s inside Comcast’s network. But if you want something more realistic use the other sites.

  3. Also, NEVER do a speed test via WiFi. Make darn sure you are plugged in directly via ethernet.


    Also, some browsers have trouble at the faster speeds with speed tests. Firefox is often thought to be one of the better browsers for speed tests, but it’s worth using [](’s standalone application too.

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