Internet speed for 4 person family?

I am trying to decide what internet speed to use for my family. I am trying to decide between 100 mbps and 300 mbps.

Each meme we has around 3 devices that we use (not including various smart home devices). We have two younger members of the family that stream a lot of videos (YouTube @ 1080p, Netflix at 4K).

We are currently at a 30mbps connection speed and it is too slow, as in going to a website like YouTube takes a while for things to load.

What speed do you think we should use? (300 is ~$20 more a month compared to 100)

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  1. I mean, do the math.

    Each YouTube 1080p stream = 5Mbps
    Each netflix 4K stream = 25Mbps

    If both your kids are watching netflix 4k at the same time, that’s about 50Mbps.

    That would leave you and your partner still with half of the bandwidth.

    100Mbps should be fine. Just make sure you are using the 5Ghz network on your wireless router, as 2.4Ghz network is not reliable for fast speeds.

  2. We have 60mbps for 4 people and we do just fine. We stream one 4K TV and up to 4 laptops streaming stuff and everything works well. I would say go with 100 and you can always upgrade if you really feel like you need more though I dont think you will.

  3. Family of 4 with 100mps here. I have no issues, but I also recommend upgrading to a Mesh router. I went from rebooting my router every few days to not thinking about it, ever. I was on a 50mps plan when I first got it and I was getting over 50.

    I have Google WiFi, but Orbi and a few others are also good. Sometimes they go on sale. There’s some sticker shock but it’s probably the best thing I’ve bought in a long time.

  4. I have 100MB/100MB FIOS for only 2. But prior to that, I had 50/50 and never had complaints. So I assume 100/100 should work for you

  5. We have a family of 5 – we all stream – 1 is a heavy gamer. We currently have 100mbps at it works without issue.

  6. If most of your stuff is wireless and you aren’t using a relatively fancy wireless router there is no benefit to going beyond 100 mbps. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

  7. I have 30 mbps right now for the two of us, plus my daughter who visits a lot. For a family of 4 I would probably try 50 or 60 mbps.

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