I would watch waaay more Pluto if…

I really like the concept and many of the shows. Sometimes I can put up with the long tedious repetitive commercials (I know they have to pay for it somehow), but when the picture starts freezing up (and it almost always locks up at some point) – I’m out! Desktop/Laptop/Smart TV 5 feet from the router and it still locks up. Even on a University T3 line it freezes up…

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  1. I would just like to know a quick way to bounce between channels in the guide on Roku. If I’m down in the 400s I have to hold the Up directional button and watch each channel scroll by on the way to the top

  2. It works fine on my Roku Express. My main gripe with it is the lack of user controls to limit the channels or at least let us maintain a favorites list. I don’t want to scroll through the limited guide to select a channel and no way I’m just pressing up/down to channel surf with so much fluff on it. I still love Doctor Who Classics though.

  3. I have kind of a simple outlook on products and services. If it’s crap, it will eventually find its way down the sewer drain.

  4. Content is fine, no buffering issues here. I stopped because of those repeated commercials. I cant stand it over…and over….and over

    And over







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