I cancelled DirectTV Now

I was a cordcutter way before the term was even was coined. I haven’t had cable since the late 90s. I recently tried Sling and then moved to DirectTV over the last couple of years and recently decided after 5-6 months to cancel DirectTV. I only entertained the services because of the sports gap that local and cable channels create for some of the games I want to watch. It was nice at first but after a while started to wonder what I was paying for again. DirectTV had a ton of channels I could care less about and intermingled channels I had to pay for so it was irritating to scroll through. I know there is a favorites function but you had navigate to get there so it was definitely being discouraged. In the end it felt just like cable where it is a waste of money as I was paying for nothing I really wanted to watch. In fact probably ended up being more then just adding cable to my current ISP. I just saved $75/mnth and have not looked back after the 1st 3 weeks.

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  1. Yeah, I have never really understood the really high end tiers like the $75 a month tier.

    Thats why I love Youtube TV. I get most of the channels I like and only pay $35 (Im on the original pricing) I couldn’t imagine getting all of the directv or high end PS Vue channels, between the number of channels and the pricing its not that different from cable

  2. Hey, I cancelled mine too. I now have an rca set top box that is a DVR to record shows onto a flash drive. I even use a splitter to watch one show while I record another. You can do so much without having to pay monthly service costs!

  3. This is why I’ve avoided ever subscribing to anything but Sling Blue. I like watching my DFW teams (lose) and we watch just enough scripted and news content that it feels like a great value at $25/mo. For an average of $20 for the 10 or so cable shows we want to watch live every year, it’s barely a cost.

    For $40+ per month, I feel like I’d really have to consume a ton of live TV to get good value for my money.

  4. Recent cord cutter here and in the stage of trying everyone’s one-week trial. We had DirectTV Now last week and neither my wife nor I was very impressed. Maybe it’s our device (Roku), but the interface was very clunky and not very smooth. Also we found the programming to be so-so with a lot of channels we’d never look at.

    This week we’re looking at Sling Blue and so far I’m impressed. The price at $25/mth is great and for an additional $5/mth my wife can catch the Hallmark Christmas movies (for yet another season).

  5. DirecTV Now, in its current form, is limited. I have the basic package and honestly don’t miss anything except the Laker games. However, like yourself, I was a cord-cutter way before everyone else so I know the ways in which I can watch the shows I like. For instance with DirecTV Now I had to give up on the CW, but found I can watch the shows just as easily on the CW app. Sadly I just can’t get the CW’s parent station, KTLA in Los Angeles. Really it has shown me that I really don’t need to be watching that much TV. It’s liberating. Also I have AT&T Unlimited Cellular plan and got DirecTV Now when they offered free HBO for life. I pay $10/month for DirecTV Now. So why would I complain.
    I used to have AT&T U-Verse from it’s beginnings and saw it improve over the years. So to be an optimist for those paying the higher prices, don’t forget AT&T owns DirecTV, HBO, and soon Time Warner (when the deal closes), so their product will greatly improve as they streamline their services. Keep an eye out for their reduced rate deals. One should come out soon. It might be worth it.
    I also hear YouTube TV is really good.

  6. What’s everyone’s experience with PlayStation Vue considering the recent Apple TV update? I don’t have anything as of right now but was bouncing between YTTV and PS Vue. I was leaning towards YTTV, but with the recent Apple TV integration I might go with Vue.

    While it’s petty, I’m a Xbox gamer so going with Vue seems like sleeping with the competition. lol I also somewhat feel the same going with YTTV since I’m an Apple fanboy. Again, petty, but I can get past it.

    Ultimately, I’m hoping Apple releases their rumored TV service soon but I don’t see that happening until WWDC 2019.

    Back to the point, how’s Vue?

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