7 Replies to “Hulu or YouTubetv?”

  1. YouTube tv hands down easier to use and no extra charges for the dvr. Also yttv has Mlb and nba networks and if you care you can get nba league pass with it as well. I love Hulu as an on demand but for live tv it’s not that great. CBS is only 30 FPS while 60 FPS on Yttv.

  2. PS Vue isn’t on XBox One (for obvious reasons). But if you have a fire TV/stick Apple TV, Roku, PS4 etc… PS Vue covers more sports than YTTV of Hulu. It has NFL Network/Redzone and Bein Sports where neither Hulu or YTTV has them.

  3. So just an update I went with YouTubeTv quality seems decent so far watching Oregon/Auburn.
    Can’t wait for these networks to broadcast sports in 4k 🤞🏻

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